Music Compilation 2017 (Short)



World Gone Crazy


Losing My Faith Video


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(Note: Mike wrote this and asked me to proofread before posting, so my comments are in pink =) -Heather)

“Damned if I do, damned if I don’t”. Have you ever felt that way? Yep All. The. Time. No matter what you do, there’s always a flip side, every pro has a con, etc… This song started out, like most do, I’d take that out. It sounds too much like you’re trying to be a writer trying too hard to sound like a writer  because I was angry about something. “Living with you or living alone” – man, wouldn’t it be nice to just run away … screw her, I’m outta here. In your dreams buddy! Is all of this emotional turmoil really worth it? Fighting and arguing. But of course, most of it was much more dramatic in my own mind. If you asked Heather, she would probably not even know what I’m talking about. Nope no idea. I think most of the time what happens in Mike’s head stays in Mike’s head. Like an un-fun Vegas.


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